The Story of Break Beyond


Minimalism. Humble. No Compromises.


I suppose our story began as most would. We noticed something we felt was fundamentally wrong with this industry, and we wanted to inspire change. Since our inception in 2016, there have been many mistakes, ups and downs, failures and a loss of way all in search of short-term gratification. But one thing that never wavered was our burning passion to inspire change.

We have a great respect for personal development in both physical & mental capacities because of its ability to empower people.


We believe that it is our prime responsibility as a people to leave a positive impact on the world, regardless of the scale.

We uphold that radical transparency should be a staple in this industry. Far too often brands capitalise on people’s needs to acquire and care primarily about one thing.. their profit margins.

We’ve seen brands that make headway and gain traction become more mainstream and lose their originality, their ethos, and what differentiated them from the rest in the first place. In essence they lose their soul.


We shall stay true to our belief in radical transparency by detailing the full and unfiltered cost of our products, and the breakdown of our mark-up on each product so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

We will only ever release one multi-purpose, limited edition product at a time to reflect our unwavering conviction to the minimalistic lifestyle.

Finally, we will embody the concept of innovation and ensure no two products are ever the same. Incremental improvements are what we strive for.

Sounds drastic? That’s exactly what we’re going for.

#Pioneering Radical Change

“At our very core, we want to inspire change”

Pioneering Radical Change.